Boy Azooga Sign to Heavenly Recordings

Davey Newington - one of my favourite humans on the planet - and his band Boy Azooga have signed to the mighty HEAVENLY RECORDINGS. I produced / mixed / engineered the album - it took years to craft, recorded in stolen moments and lots of late night sessions. We recorded, re-recorded, and re-worked until the Boy Azooga sound was formed. When wrapping up the album, we had a few talks and figured out a goal - and then a plan - to try to get the album into the ears the folks at Davey's dream label - Heavenly. Thankfully, they loved it. A special, huge thank you to Aimee-Jade-Hayes for putting the two of us in touch, all those years ago. Love you! ❤️ 

The album will be out early in 2018 - I think it’s really a rather amazing and I'm really proud of him. The band are so incredible live - amazing musicians - Davey on Vocals and Guitar, Daf Davies on Drums, Sam Barnes on Bass and Guitar, and Dylan Morgan on Keyboards and Guitar. All of them on backing vox. All of these guys can play approx 43 instruments and they're better than you at all of them.

There's a lot more coming that we can't wait to show you. Onwards to album II 🤘🏼🤘🏼

Ed 🎚🎛❤️