New Boy Azooga Single/Video - Jerry

Hello there and good day to you - there is a new single and video out for the song Jerry off the forthcoming 1,2 Kung Fu! album (which you can pre-order here in lovely pink and/or blue vinyl). It's a song about a dog 🐶

The video was once again done by Toby Cameron of ON PAR Productions, shot at Cardiff Dogs Home, (please donate here) and the single is out on Heavenly Recordings. It will be available on your radio dials soon.

With love and Azooga,

Ed 🎚🎛❤️

OK, I started a blog.

Mainly just to document and publish what I've been up to without shouting about it too much over social media. I'll share stuff I've been working on and possibly some cool stuff I see. I just wanted one place to call home, and hopefully in time, I'll expand the website a little bit. This seems like a nice way to get started.

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