Behind The Scenes - Mastering Boy Azooga's '1, 2 Kung Fu' @ Electric Mastering

Where have you been? Busy I imagine. Me too, me too. I just checked my calendar and saw the date and remembered - to the day, it’s the one year anniversary of the official completion of the debut Boy Azooga album. By ‘official’ completion, I mean the final step of the music part of the process - the mastering - by Guy Davie at Electric Mastering, exactly one year ago today. How times flies!

I remembered that I had some short behind the scenes videos of the process, so what better time to post them? Twas a great day, can’t wait to get in back there again….

And just one year one and the band have a tour of the U.S. lined up for this November! You can find their live dates at

Exciting stuff…

With love and Azooga,

Ed 🎚🎛❤️