The Science of Art: Tip #0000

A little while back I started jotting down a bunch of short mixing/mastering/song-writing and production tips that I’ve learned over the past few years. I thought it might be a nice idea to share these, one or two a day, until the end of time. Perhaps I'll even post them all in one post, one day.

I know that there are tons of other accounts (Twitter, blogs, etc) that do this and I’m not trying to suddenly pretend to be some sort of sage on music creation. Some people aren't following me to try to learn how to make music, and yes, social media is gross. But if one of them help anyone, then hopefully it's useful. I do hope that's OK with you?

Really, I created these as reminders for myself - I still look at them all the time when I’m struggling - but perhaps they’d be useful for anyone that makes music and cares to read them. They’re might be a specific piece of direct advice/suggestion, or it could be an Eno-esque Oblique Strategies style snippet, to encourage a bit of thought and intentionally left open to interpretation. Context is not required/lack of context is encouraged.

I do hope you find these useful - if you’d like me to expand on any of them (I'll go as in depth as you like, and post it here, with examples), just get in touch:

Have fun and make great music ❤️