Richie Hayes x Noonday Underground

Richie Hayes is one of the talented guys I know. I don't really know if he's 'mainly' a drummer, a keyboard player, a guitarist, a singer or songwriter. He plays the bass too, of course, but nobody wants to be 'mainly a bass player'.

A while back, I helped him with a rekkid. He came to me with a few songs - the drums, bass, organ and guitars already recorded in a suitably lo-fi manner. We tracked the vocals, a horn section, vibraphone, a little guitar and a few other bits and pieces. I mixed what we had and mastered the digital and vinyl versions, including the flip side of the record.

The other side of the EP featured three tracks from Noonday Underground (DJ Simon Dine & singer Daisy Martey. Dine had previously been a member of Adventures in Stereo. Martey was for a time the singer in Morcheeba.) It was released on 12" Vinyl by Art Gallery Records.

The record is brilliant (well, Richie's side is, anyway). What's scary is that I know that his future music is gonna sound even better.

I love how the songs sound - I do know that, 2-3 years later, I would have mixed things differently, as is the usual way. We have plans to work on more songs in 2017. Cannae wait.

You can listen to the record by clicking the big red album cover below. You can buy the record from the following places... or just click on the big red picture to stream for freeeeeee... :

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