Q: What Would You Say... You Do... Here?

A: A bunch of different things. But in a nutshell, I help people realise their artistic... 'vision' (yep) and turn their song into a recording that is as close of a representation of what the artist wants to express as possible. I can be hands-on and write with the artist, play instruments, arrange and engineer, or I can do my best to just get out the way. Whatever it takes to let the artist be free to concentrate on the music and make sure that it represents them.

I'm happy to see a project through from the beginning and deliver you a final product.

Or, if you've already recorded/made your music, just let me get ahold of the tracks and I can mix a song/album for you. And it'll sound great.

Q: What Does a Mixer Do?

A: When all the parts of a song are recorded, a mixer/mixing engineer will then 'massage' each track using compression, EQ, panning, reverb, delay and other effects to make the recording sound as great as possible. Mixing takes the recording from sounding like a live performance to sounding 'like a record'.

Q: How do I prepare my tracks for you to mix?

A: You can follow this handy mix preparation guide PDF that I made earlier.

Q: Do You Do Mastering?

A: Sure. I'm not a 'full-time' mastering engineer but have mastered tracks that have been on Radio 1, 2, 6Music, BBC3, Channel 4, ITV, pressed to vinyl, and so on. While I used to dread and advise against the producer/mixer going on to master the album/songs, I've created a workflow that means that I now generally enjoy mastering tracks and projects that I've been working on, as the master bus can form a large part of 'the sound'.

Q: How Much Do You Normally Charge?

A: You may have noticed that I don't have a price list. That's because it's flexible. I do have a base rate, but if I really love and believe in the music, I can be flexible. Get in touch and we can talk!

Q: Why Don't You Have a Gear List?

A: Because it's mostly irrelevant. I have quality gear from SSL, Lavry, Great River, etc, but once you get past a certain quality threshold, it really doesn't matter. Great taste is what matters and that's hopefully what you're paying for if you work with me. If you want to work in a big studio, we can go to big studio. If you want to sing through a vintage U47, we can rent one pretty cheap. We can do whatever we need to do to get the best results.

Q: Do You Make Your Own Music?

A: Yes. In the past I was involved in lots of hiphop with AssociatedMinds, and these day's I'm one half of the band VOYA with Linford Hydes. We're currently busy recording and mixing our debut album. As I'm also the engineer, producer and mixer on the project, I've given myself a really good discount.