Obviously writing these kind of pages is difficult. Does anyone really read them? Do you even need one? Writing it in the third person and pretending somebody else wrote it was out of the question, of course.

I'm a producer, mixer, musician and songwriter. Mastering too - almost anything that's involved in the process of making a record. I still say 'making a record' because it sounds cool. 

I spend my time helping bands and artists take their raw songs and turn them into finished productions. Sometimes that means writing, arranging and playing parts, and sometimes it means getting out of the way of the artists' creativity and recording, producing or mixing. Maybe all of the above. Whatever helps create the best end result.

I initially created this site as a simple blog so that I can talk about the things I get up to without shouting about it on social media, but I'm hoping that I can also use it to share some knowledge and insight on the process of making music, helping out other musicians, producers and engineers.

A few years ago I got my Ph.D in Computer Science, - in music and audio analysis - a bit of physics, maths, programming, DSP and... some actual 'music'. Hey, it's nice to really know what all those knobs and buttons do.

Back in 2006 I won the BBC New Talent Award for mixing and music production and have been fortunate enough to regularly write, produce, record, mix and master music that gets played on radio (Radio 1, Radio 2, 6Music, 1Xtra, Australia's 'Triple J') and TV (BBC2, BBC3, Channel 4, ITV).

These days I'm working on album II with the mighty Boy Azooga and recently finished projects with art-rockers Palomino Party, folk songstress Sera and the Welsh Music Prize nominated Caviar Crackle album from Metabeats, which features Action Bronson, Oddisee, Quelle Chris and more; a favourite of Gilles Peterson, with releases on his Brownswood label.

I've also worked closely with Soniccouture as a consultant producer/engineer, sound designer and technician for the past few years. Soniccouture’s software instruments feature in numerous blockbuster films (Skyfall, Finding Nemo, Wall-E, Samsara) and customers include the mighty John Michel Jarre, Vangelis and Hans Zimmer. I was recently the lucky so-and-so that was given the responsibility of engineering and producing a collaboration project between Soniccouture and Grammy Award winner Imogen Heap, working with her to create a range software instruments that feature her signature instruments and sounds, and the results are manifested in the wonderful Box Of Tricks. 

Other clients include the BBC, and Solid State Logic, Native Instruments as a consultant, a tester, and also in a more creative capacity, composing music to showcase their new products to the world.

Anyway, that's enough about me - get in touch and say hello.

With love,

Ed 🎚🎛❤️